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Scratch Off Map (I recount my countries list and I WAS WRONG!)

My boyfriend got me a super cool scratch off map for our 2 year anniversary that he sent to my house since we are currently doing long-distance and he is still in Spain while I am back home in San Diego. I had only ever counted my the countries I had been to in my… Continue reading Scratch Off Map (I recount my countries list and I WAS WRONG!)

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American Tries Kamayan!

As the first video of my cultural series, I show a traditional type of eating for Filipinos done in San Diego, CA! To Filipinos, the practice of eating with your hands is called Kamayan, kamay meaning “hand”. I ask my father who grew up in the Philippines what he think the practice represents, and his answer is… Continue reading American Tries Kamayan!

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Pumpkin Patch Fall Vlog

I HAD to go to a pumpkin patch this fall after having spent the last two in Catalonia, where their cool fall activities include picking mushrooms and fire festivals. But there is something about pumpkins and Halloween and fall food that we enjoy in fall in the States. I have to admit, my sister and… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch Fall Vlog

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How I Traveled to 25 Countries by Age 26

If you are anything like me – restless, adventure seeking, appreciating of experiences over possessions, not willing to stop chasing the setting sun – these are the ways that I have been able to travel to 25 countries and counting by age 26. Click on the video below! For those hard of hearing or if… Continue reading How I Traveled to 25 Countries by Age 26

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How to travel as a POC

As people of color, many of us are not told as children that the world is our oyster. This is probably a phrase that well-off white children have heard before, but it is definitely not something many of my friends heard growing up. This is because traveling today is seen as something exclusive, only for those… Continue reading How to travel as a POC

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The truth about traveling as a Filipino-American

As I left class today, I wandered down the street wondering what I should write about next. I decided to walk instead of taking the bus and walking always puts me in a pensive mood. I saw something that told me it was time to talk about this. I’m not just a frivolous, world-traveling, wanderlusting… Continue reading The truth about traveling as a Filipino-American

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Watch my newest vlog!

My last vlog in San Diego! In this vid I dive deeper into the confusions of life after college and life as an artist. I describe why all the signs were pointing in the direction of returning to Barcelona this year. I am now in Barcelona to start my second year abroad as an English conversation assistant and to start my master’s degree! This is a blog to address the obstacles we all face in our 20’s (or at any age). This is my story about how traveling has given me perspective on the not so easy questions. I will only be honest about what I go through, so I hope it helps anyone watching with their questions too!

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The Truth About Traveling

We always want to be somewhere else, but the challenge is to be where you are right now. Because if you can’t be here, how will you ever make it there? Traveling isn’t going to make you happier or better if you don’t know how to appreciate the moment you’re currently in right now. Some… Continue reading The Truth About Traveling

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My last year in photos:

I spent the last year teaching in Spain and traveling during my free time (which was a often!) I met beautiful people along the way who helped me find places I never would have discovered on my own. They also taught me to enjoy it while being a twenty-something getting through the confusions of life. It… Continue reading My last year in photos: