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Alkaline Water 5 Benefits and Uses

Drinking alkaline water benefits consumers from better hydration to cancer prevention.
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Kangen machines connect to your tap and produce both alkaline water and acidic water. The benefits of drinking alkaline water range from better hydration, anti-aging, to cancer prevention. The acidic water, coined as “Beauty Water” can be used topically on the skin and hair. A combination of the two truly brings health and beauty inside and out, while also being a lifetime alternative for costly beauty and home products. In the long-run, it can prevent the need for expensive medications and treatments. Below are 6 alkaline water benefits and uses in order to stay healthy and beautiful for life.

1. Drink alkaline water for better hydration, anti-aging, and cancer prevention

Kangen Water, pH 8.5 – 9.5

Is all water created equal? Water that comes from the tap or from plastic bottles is considered “dead water.” This means that it is not only not benefiting you, but could be causing you harm. We have all seen bottles that say “BPA Free” on the bottom, but how much do you still consume from plastic bottles? There is no knowing how long the water lived in that plastic bottle. Plastic eventually releases harmful chemicals into your water, hence the BPA free options. So that bottled water is either simply neutral or acidic.

What is acidic, neutral, or alkaline? Remember in high school when you would test pH levels? We want our water to be alkaline, as alkalinity is anti-oxidizing, and antioxidants are what prevent many illnesses, diseases, and cancer. This is also where the anti-aging affect comes in. And drinking water and help prevent cancer?? Sounds like a no brainer to me.

As a young person, I drink alkaline water as prevention. I don’t want to end up sickly, so I am starting now by choosing the type of water I drink. And water is our most vital resource!

2. Remove pesticides from produce with alkaline water

Kangen Water, pH 8.5 – 9.5

This one is a biggie. How many of you purchase organic fruits and vegetables? Why do you do this? To prevent yourself from consuming harmful pesticides. If you wash your fruits and vegetables in alkaline water, it changes the fruit’s pH and actually removes the pesticides. See that done here in this youtube video!

Why is this important? It saves you money from the cost of buying organic produce by harnessing the toxin-removing power of alkaline water that can come right from your tap. No need to purchase expensive organic produce again!

Now, if the water can remove those toxins from produce, what do you think it can do to your body?

3. Skin Toner

Beauty Water, pH 6

There are two streams of water that come from a Kangen machine, one alkaline and one acidic. The acidic water is separated when you get alkaline drinking water is Beauty Water at pH 6. Beauty Water is acidic, and can be used in a myriad of ways, such as face toner. Use toner on the skin to bring the face back to its normal acidity levels (any beauty guru knows this). The face can then absorb any moisturizer that you put on afterwards.

My first time experimenting with using Beauty Water after the shower was a game changer. I am brown, so I get very ashy, dry skin after I’ve showered especially on my legs and arms. I experimented by pouring Beauty Water on one leg and leaving the other untouched. The leg I poured Beauty Water on looked and felt moisturized. The other leg appeared dryer and my skin itchy, which was what I was used to. If I can simply use acidic water to bring my skin to its natural state, I’ll do it every day!

This is another money saver! Instead of purchasing toner, you can simply gather water from the second tube while filling your glass of alkaline water.

4. Hair conditioner

Beauty Water, pH 6

I’m upset. I had a Kangen machine in my house for a year and just learned I could use Beauty Water not only on my skin, but also my hair. And I literally just bought a new conditioner last week. My hair is dyed blonde, brown originally, so it is very dry and brittle if I do not use conditioner. But I used Beauty Water after showering without using conditioner, and my wet brush went right through my hair. Watch as I try it for the first time and am amazed by the outcome!

After showering and wetting your hair, spray or just pour the beauty water into your hair, and see its conditioning affects.

5. House cleaner with strong alkaline water

Beauty Water and Strong Alkaline Water, pH 11.5

Beauty Water as cleaner: You can use the Beauty Water (pH6) to clean mirrors, glass surfaces, and your floors (both wooden and ceramic) as it leaves no residue and cleans without putting chemicals on your home’s surfaces.

Strong Alkaline Water as cleaner: Use it to remove heavy grease stains in your kitchen and clothes, as laundry detergent, and to remove stains from carpet floors.

How much money have you spent on chemicals to clean your house? Think about it!

6. BONUS – Financial Stability!

As a twentysomething, this one is huge. Not only does having the machine save me money on what I would have spent on bottled water, organic produce, toner, lotions, and those endless household cleaning supplies, but also the company functions in a way that helps spread the word and benefits of Kangen water through being able to become a distributor. If you like your Kangen machine and you refer it to a friend who also likes it and refers it to a friend, then you make money from those two purchases! It is not a typical MLM (multilevel marketing) because each person has the ability to make more than the person above them (which isn’t possible in a pyramid scheme). I’ve met people who are making more money now distributing Kangen machines, than what they were making at their hourly jobs and even real-estate careers.

It depends on you! However far you want to take it, you have the opportunity! What’s even better is that you are helping spread something that is good for you. And good health is priceless.

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In order to purchase a Kangen machine you do need an Enagic International Distributor’s number. Use mine below for your purchase:


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